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Official Directory of Lawyer FAQs

What is the Official Missouri Directory of Lawyers?

The Official Missouri Directory of Lawyers is a service that allows members of the public the ability to access The Missouri Bar's website to verify that someone is a member of The Missouri Bar.

This listing includes all lawyers admitted to practice by the Supreme Court of Missouri who are in good standing. Inactive lawyers who are in good standing with the Supreme Court of Missouri but are not eligible to practice law in Missouri are also listed. Your name is included automatically; no action on your part is required to include your name on the listing. If the Supreme Court changes the status of a lawyer to anything other than "Good Standing," the lawyer´s information disappears immediately from the Official Missouri Directory of Lawyers. For example, lawyers who do not pay their dues in a timely manner will have their status changed to "Not in Good Standing" by the Supreme Court and remain that way until the dues are paid. During that period, the lawyer will not appear within the Official Missouri Directory of Lawyers.

Information available to the public through the Official Missouri Directory of Lawyers is limited to name, bar number, date of admission, and the city, state and zip code listed in each lawyer's "official address" within The Missouri Bar's membership database.

The Official Missouri Directory of Lawyers does not include any additional identifying information, such as street address or telephone number. (Lawyers who wish to provide the public with additional information should sign up for LawyerSearch).

What is meant by the term "Official Address"?

By rule of the Supreme Court of Missouri, each member of The Missouri Bar is required to provide an official address. This address is public information, meaning that any member of the public who calls the offices of the Supreme Court or The Missouri Bar will have access to this complete address as provided by the member. Thus, lawyers should not provide an "official address" that they do not wish to be made public.

Careful consideration should be given to the selection of one´s official address. For example, if a prosecuting attorney decides that he or she wishes to receive bar publications at home rather than at an office, it may seem convenient to list a home address as the official address. However, it is important to remember that this address - as one´s "official address" - is available to the public, including prisoners.

To avoid this sort of situation, a lawyer may wish to list his or her office address as their official address, then edit their personal profile on the "members only" portion of The Missouri Bar´s website to direct that all state bar publications be sent to their home address.

What is the official address used for?

  • A member's official address is the location to which your annual dues statement will be sent by the Supreme Court.
  • It is provided to anyone who calls The Missouri Bar or the Supreme Court.
  • It is available to all other lawyers who search the bar's online directory in the members-only section of the bar's website.
  • An abbreviated listing of the official address is included in the Official Missouri Directory of Lawyers. This abbreviated listing contains only the name, city, state, and zip code contained in each member´s official address.

Is there a charge associated with this service?

No. This is a free service provided to the public and all members of The Missouri Bar who are in good standing.