Probate and Trust Law Committee Agenda

Time: 10:00 a.m. MCLE Hours: 1.0 Room:  Jefferson A
Chair: Professor David English No Minutes Available


1. Welcome

2. National Health Care Decisions Day (Steve Newman)

3. Trust Law Subcommittee (Mike Magliari)
Status of current proposals, including inherited IRA proposal
Explanation of proposed QST Amendment
Proposed QST Amendment

4. Discussion of Guardianship Reform Task Force (Reg Turnbull/David English/Rachel Harris)

5. Discussion of Health Care Surrogate Proposal (Debra Schuster/Reg Turnbull)

6. Digital Asset Proposal (Bob Kirkland)

7. Mediation/Arbitration Proposal (Scott Martinsen)

8. Power of Appointment Subcommittee (Susan Teson)

9. Fiduciary Litigation Subcommittee, including proposal re: no-contest clauses (Bob Selsor)
Explanation of proposed "Safe Harbor" statute for no-contest clauses 
Proposed Safe Harbor Provision

10. Probate and Trust Hot Topics - Small Estates, Creditor Rights, and Recent Cases (Commissioner Dan Wheeler, Jack Challis, Joe Blumberg, Cliff Brown)