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  • Immigration Law Committee Agenda

    Time: 10:00 a.m. MCLE Hours: 0.0  Room: 202
    Chair: Nalini Mahadevan, No Minutes Available


    1. Members suggested for November, 2012 committee

    2. Members for the legislative subcommittee
      • New legislation being followed
    3. Past year 2011 -2012 
      • Joint CLEs organized
      • Newsletter
      • Web page 
      • Special Committee on Adoption
    4. Joint holiday party with the Kansas State Immigration Law Committee held in Kansas City

    5. Future plans for our committee
      • Introduction to Immigration Law
      • Topics and speaker suggestions 
    6. Any other business


    9-10 AM: Joint CLE with the Business Law Committee
    Topic: You don't have to employ an "Alien" to be in trouble with USCIS and ICE: Issues in maintaining I-9 forms for US Employers.