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The following series of topics explains Missouri's laws and legal system. The series contains practical information, written by lawyers who have knowledge and experience in different aspects of the law.

The information on this website for the public is provided as educational material about the laws and legal system. It does not constitute legal advice. Because each person's circumstances are unique, contact an attorney for specific legal advice before making decisions that involve the law.

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The Money Guide (complete guide - 30 pages; available only as PDF)

  • Out of Work? How to Deal with Creditors
  • Debt Collection FAQs: A Guide for Consumers
  • Protect Yourself from Overdraft Fees
  • How to Cope with Medical Bills
  • Vehicle Repossession: Understanding the Rules of the Road
  • Payday Lending Basics
  • Steps You Can Take to Avoid Foreclosures 
  • For People on Debt Management Plans: A Must-Do-List
  • Bankruptcy
  • Credit Reports and Scoring
  • How to Dispute Credit Report Errors
  • New Credit Card Rules

Client Resource Guide (complete guide - 38 pages)

Probate Law Resource Guide (complete guide - 42 pages)

Business Law Resource Guide (complete guide - 28 pages) 

Family Law Resource Guide (complete guide - 49 pages)

Law and the Courts Resource Guide (complete guide - 20 pages)

Consumers And The Law Resource Guide (complete guide - 20 pages)

  • Your Rights as a Tenant
  • Buying a Home
  • Buying on Time

Other Topics


Domestic Violence

Senior Citizens

  • Senior Citizens Handbook
    Booklet on laws and programs affecting senior citizens including new Medicaid laws in Missouri


Legal Forms

Courts/Judicial Elections

Of Interest to Educators