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Precedent is a quarterly magazine (published in February, May, August and November) focusing on ways in which busy practitioners can maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their practices. Inside each issue, readers will find valuable information regarding such topics as:law practice management; professionalism; law office technology; ethical issues; perspectives from the judiciary; practice tips; business aspects of a law practice; and much more.

In addition, each issue of Precedent includes longer feature articles addressing timely legal issues of the day, providing practitioners with useful information regarding topics of more immediate relevancy.

Unless they have otherwise indicated, Precedent is sent electronically to all members who have a valid e-mail address on record with The Missouri Bar. However, if you wish to receive Precedent in a hard copy version via U.S. Mail, please let us know by sending a message to or to The Missouri Bar at PO Box 119, Jefferson City, MO 65102.

  • Latest Precedent

    Cover - Summer 2015 IssueVol. 9, Issue 3 / Summer 2015  

    Miles to Go Before We Sleep
    A Missouri-Bar sponsored Diversity Summit – highlighted by remarks from American Bar Association President-Elect Paulette Brown – has brought renewed focus on what the state’s legal profession can do to encourage greater diversity within firms, courtrooms, and society as a whole.

    Newly-Refocused Diversity Committee Moves Beyond Ethnicity

    The Missouri Bar’s Committee on Diversity has tackled the issues raised at the Diversity Summit and is working to stress inclusion for all members of an increasingly diverse

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