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    The Missouri Bar publishes a wide variety of materials for lawyers and the general public. Whether you’re a teacher looking for new ways to teach legal issues or a lawyer who wants a sourcebook on the rules of discovery, The Missouri Bar has a publication for you.

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    Cover for Sept - Oct 2015 JournalVol. 71, No. 5
    September - October 2015

    • Report on the Missouri Bar Diversity Summit
    • A Tale of Two Frenchmen
  • Latest Precedent

    Cover - Summer 2015 IssueVol. 9, Issue 3 / Summer 2015  

    Miles to Go Before We Sleep
    A Missouri-Bar sponsored Diversity Summit – highlighted by remarks from American Bar Association President-Elect Paulette Brown – has brought renewed focus on what the state’s legal profession can do to encourage greater diversity within firms, courtrooms, and society as a whole.

    Newly-Refocused Diversity Committee Moves Beyond Ethnicity

    The Missouri Bar’s Committee on Diversity has tackled the issues raised at the Diversity Summit and is working to stress inclusion for all members of an increasingly diverse

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