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  • Missouri Bar Publications

    The Missouri Bar publishes a wide variety of materials for lawyers and the general public. Whether you’re a teacher looking for new ways to teach legal issues or a lawyer who wants a sourcebook on the rules of discovery, The Missouri Bar has a publication for you.

  • Latest Journal of the Missouri Bar

    Cover for July-August 2015 JournalVol. 71, No. 4
    July - August 2015

    • The King's Court: Demystifying Missouri's Governmental Immunity Doctrines
    • Avoid Being the Early Worm: Early Service of Rule 34 Document Requests Under the Proposed Amended Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
    • Abiel Leonard, Lawyer and Judge
  • Latest Precedent

    CoverVol. 9, Issue 2 / Spring 2015  

    The Missouri Bar Center: Looking Back on 50 Years of Service
    Fifty years later, the Missouri Bar Center – built with the contributions of Missouri lawyers – continues to serve as the hub for an ever-expanding array of programs, services and materials designed to help Missouri’s lawyers better service their clients and meet their professional obligations.

    Missouri Bar Center Dedicated
    Lewis F. Powell, Jr., then-American Bar Association president and future justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, provided the featured address when the Missouri Bar Center was dedicated on May 1, 1965. His comments, focusing on disrespect for law and the public’s lack of faith in the justice system, continue to resonate today.

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