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  • Missouri Bar Publications

    The Missouri Bar publishes a wide variety of materials for lawyers and the general public. Whether you’re a teacher looking for new ways to teach legal issues or a lawyer who wants a sourcebook on the rules of discovery, The Missouri Bar has a publication for you.

  • Latest Journal of the Missouri Bar

    Cover - Jan. - Feb. 2017 JournalVol. 73, No. 1
    January - February 2017

    Feature Articles:
    • The Local Impact of Daimler: Missouri as a Bellwether State for the Doctrine of Consent Jurisdiction
    • Interpreting the New "Stand Your Ground" Rule
    • To Thine Title Be True: Mistitling of the Magistrate Judge
    • State of the Judiciary Address
  • Latest Precedent

    Cover for Fall 2015 IssueVol. 9, Issue 4 / Fall 2015  

    The Non-Partisan Court Plan at 75: What Goes Around Comes Around
    Created three-quarters of a century ago to end political interference in the selection of judges, Missouri's pioneering Non-Partisan Court Plan continues to face challenges from both in-state and out-of-state special interests.

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