Poverty Law

HCS HB 73 & 47  / SB 5 / SB 7 / SB 74 / SB 169 – Drug testing for TANF recipients. Requires certain recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program benefits to be tested for the illegal use of controlled substances under certain circumstances.

HB 172 / SB 365 – Public assistance eligibility. Specifies that certain funds placed in an irrevocable trust for funeral services will not be considered an asset when determining eligibility and benefits under certain public assistance programs.

*HB 256 – Basic Civil Legal Services Fund. Removes the expiration date of the provisions regarding the Basic Civil Legal Services Fund.

Drafted by the Missouri Bar Delivery of Legal Services Committee.

HB 816 / HB 817 – In-state purchases with TANF funds. Requires all purchases made by public assistance recipients with temporary assistance for needy families benefits to be in-state purchases only.

SB 90 – State health care plan benefits. Requires state health care plan to provide Medicare eligible participants substantially similar medical benefits, rather than identical benefits, that are provided to those not eligible for Medicare benefits

*SB 165 – Basic Civil Legal Services Fund. Extends the sunset on the Basic Civil Legal Services Fund.

Drafted by the Missouri Bar Delivery of Legal Services Committee.

SB 257 – Low-income Housing Credit. Modifies provisions of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program, reducing the period of time in which credits are allowed and limiting the total amount of credits issued annually; prohibits the stacking of low-income housing credits with historic preservation credits.

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