Judicial Administration

HB 86 – Representation of businesses in small claims. Authorizes corporations or unincorporated associations to be represented in small claims court by their president or vice-president for any claim of $500 or less for certain actions to remove a tenant.


HB 88 / SB 57 – Transfer of cases by public administrators. Allows public administrators to file petitions to transfer cases to another county and requires the court to transfer the case if certain requirements are met and the receiving county consents to the transfer.

Support concept.

HB 111 – Exception to mootness doctrine for orders of protection. Specifies that the public interest exception to the mootness doctrine will apply to an appeal of a full order of protection which has expired but subjects the person to significant collateral consequences.

Support concept.

HB 128 – Payment of deposits by respondent. Requires the respondent in a suit filed by a city, county, or state in which the entity prevails to pay the city, county, or state the amount of the deposit that would have been awarded as a judgment.

HB 130 / SB 213 – Adult Guardianship. (See Probate & Trust Law)

HB 218 – Senior judges and commissioners. Allows a senior judge or senior commissioner to elect to forgo his or her regular salary and receive only the minimum wage during times of budget stress.


HB 257 / SB 349 – Sentencing Advisory Commission. Repeals the provisions regarding the Sentencing Advisory Commission.


HB 327 / SB 186 – Circuit Court in Cape Girardeau. Removes the requirement that the circuit court in Cape Girardeau must hold court and maintain an office of the probate division in the courthouses in Jackson and Cape Girardeau but allows them to do so.

HB 386 – Small claims jurisdiction. Increases the amount in controversy from less than $3,000 to less than $5,000 for a case where the judge of a small claims court will have original jurisdiction.

HB 403 – Small claims jurisdiction for ejectment. (See Property Law)

HB 524 / SB 395– Regulation of bail bond agents. (See Administrative Law / Licensing)

HB 567 / SB 218 – Creation of 46th Judicial Circuit. Transfers Taney County from the 38th Judicial Circuit to the newly established 46th Judicial Circuit and specifies that the 38th Judicial Circuit will consist only of Christian County.

Support concept of adequate judicial resources.

HB 692 – Review of death penalty cases. Requires the Missouri Supreme Court when reviewing any case in which the death penalty is imposed to determine whether the sentence is excessive or disproportionate to the penalty in similar cases.

HB 708 / HB 768 – Foreign legal codes.  Changes the laws regarding violations of the public policy of Missouri when decisions are based on foreign law or legal code.

HB 772 / SB 307 – Court costs for Kansas City ordinance violations. (See Local Government / State Government / Election Law)

HCR 18 /  SCR 3 – Judicial Compensation. Disapproves the salary recommendations of the Citizen’s Commission on Compensation for Elected Officials.


HJR 4 – Compensation for elected officials. Proposes a constitutional amendment preventing the proposed compensation schedule from the Commission on Compensation for Elected Officials from including any increase in certain circumstances.


HJR 18 – Missouri nonpartisan court plan. Proposes a constitutional amendment changing the composition of nonpartisan judicial commissions and increases the number of candidates it nominates to the Governor for certain judicial vacancies.


HJR 26 / SJR 15 – Federal government. Prohibits Missouri state government from recognizing, enforcing or acting in furtherance of certain actions of the federal government.

Oppose due to state and federal constitutional concerns; instructs Missouri courts to disobey federal law.

HJR 31 – International and Sharia Law. Proposes a constitutional amendment prohibiting a state court from using any international law or Sharia law.

SB 46 – Jury duty for elected officials. Allows elected officials to be excused from jury duty during their term of office.


SB 225 – Judicial elections. Provides for nonpartisan elections of judicial candidates and forbids certain judges and candidates from engaging in political activities.

SB 308 – International law. Specifies how the courts and administrative agencies may rule when a dispute involves other countries or their laws.

SB 381 – Assessing costs in dismissed criminal cases. Allows a circuit judge to assess certain costs when the criminal case is dismissed and the criminal defendant consents.

SJR 17 – Missouri nonpartisan court plan. Modifies the selection process for certain judgeships and the composition of judicial nominating commissions.


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