Administrative Hearing Commission

Richard Maseles, Esquire

Counselor-in-training not entitled to licensure because she failed to meet with supervisor regularly, and because supervisor’s recommendations were largely poor. Vest v. Committee for Professional Counselors, No. 10-0262 PC (Mo. A.H.C., September 14, 2012), Chapel, C.

Vest was a counselor-in-training. She met with her supervisor-in-training only in short, impromptu meetings and in group meetings with others.

Those meetings did not meet the requirement of  20 CSR 2095-2.020(7) of at least one hour per week of face-to-face supervision from her registered supervisor. Further, the supervisor gave Vest a poor recommendation on five of eight categories of review. That poor recommendation failed to satisfy the requirement of § 337.510 of “acceptable supervised counseling.”

Nurse not subject to discipline for care of dying patient based on accusations of patient’s daughter.  State Board of Nursing v. Jackson, No. 10-1408 BN (Mo. A.H.C., September 19, 2012), Dandamudi, C.

Jackson, a registered nurse, was the director of nursing at a nursing facility. She was caring for a dying patient with compassionate care, which included administering atropine and morphine on a limited basis. After Jackson administered the medications to the patient, the patient’s adult daughter made loud, unsubstantiated accusations against Jackson regarding her mother’s care. The Board alleged that Jackson failed to properly suction the patient’s mouth before administering the medication and otherwise failed to properly care for the patient.

Jackson did nothing constituting cause for discipline. The Board’s complaint was based on the daughter’s unfounded accusations, which were contradicted by Jackson’s testimony and the explanations of the Board’s own expert.