Elder Law

Alicia Albus, Esquire

Updates for MO HealthNet Applicants/Beneficiaries

Increase in MO HealthNet utility standard

The utility standard is used to calculate the excess shelter expense for the Community Spouse Resource Allowance for an allotment from the Institutional spouse. Effective October 1, 2011, the new utility standard will be $288 (up from $262).

IM-#52    09/08/11 – Family Support Division Memorandum

The eligibility beginning date for MO HealthNet Programs is the beginning of the month in which resources are below the resource limit.  When an applicant’s resources fall below the resource limit at any point during the month, the applicant is eligible for the entire month, if all other points of eligibility are met.  The date the resources are disposed of should not be used as the eligibility begin date.

Example (from the Memorandum): 
Ms. Young applied for MO HealthNet for the Aged, Blind, and Disabled (MHABD Spenddown/Non-Spenddown) on May 13.  She receives Social Security Disability of $800 per month which she deposits in her checking account.  She had $7,000 in her checking account the beginning of May.  Her SSDI is subtracted when counting her resources.  She transferred $5,000 to her daughter’s account, and spent $202.00 to pay bills that were still outstanding.  On May 30th her account balance was $998.  She is eligible on all other factors.  She is eligible for MHABD for the entire month of May.