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  • Missouri Bar Pro Bono Publico Award Nomination

    Four Awards Presented Annually

    Four awards shall be given annually, and anyone may nominate a candidate. The awards shall be given to an attorney or law firm that practices in the following geographic regions: one award in the St. Louis metropolitan area, one award in the Kansas City metropolitan area and two awards in the out-state area. The deadline for nominations is May 1, 2017. 

    Purpose of Awards

    The purpose of these awards is to give recognize and appreciate attorneys or law firms who demonstrate exemplary service to needy persons and to encourage all attorneys to imitate their example.

    Criteria for Nomination

    • The recipient may be an individual attorney or a law firm.
    • A significant part of the service must occur during the past year
    • The service must be provided without compensation to the attorney except for reimbursement of actual expenses.
    •  A significant part of the service must be rendered directly to low-income persons (under 200% of federal poverty level) or to a public or tax-exempt nonprofit organization which directly serves low-income individuals.
    • The recipient must not have previously received the award within the prior five years. (List of Past Recipients)
    • The attorney must be a member in good standing of the Missouri Bar.

    Criteria for Selection

    • Demonstrate exemplary service to low-income individuals who need legal assistance consistent with the profession’s traditions and ethical code.
    • Practice in the geographic area for which the award is given.


    Information for Individual Making Nomination:
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    Individual Nominee Information:   
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    Firm Nominee Information  
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      Brief Description  
    Please provide a brief description of the pro bono services performed by nominee. It would be helpful to include the following:
    • The type of services performed (i.e. represented tenant being evicted from apartments, preparing income tax returns for underprivileged);
    • A description of the beneficiaries of the pro bono service;
    • The outcome of the service rendered (i.e. prevented foreclosure);
    • Amount of time devoted to pro bono service.
    • Any other information to show that the nominee is deserving of recognition.
    A nomination letter may be used in lieu of this form. If you would like to submit a nomination by letter instead, you may mail your letter to:

    Missouri Bar
    Pro Bono Publico Award
    Attn: Robert Stoeckl
    P.O. Box 119
    Jefferson City, MO 65102