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Lawyer Search FAQs

What is Lawyer Search?

Lawyer Search permits members of the public to search for Missouri lawyers accepting new clients based on name, city, county, zip code, and areas of the law in which the lawyer will accept employment.

Missouri Bar members may opt in this directory by logging on to the Members section of The Missouri Bar website and selecting "Edit Lawyer Search Preferences." The member may then select multiple areas of practice in up to five counties as well as language proficiencies.

What is the cost to sign up for Lawyer Search?

Although many lawyers pay monthly fees to have their names and practice areas listed on commercial "find-a-lawyer" sites, The Missouri Bar offers this service to members free-of-charge as a member benefit.

What is included in your "full listing" on Lawyer Search?

Members choosing to use the Lawyer Search service determine exactly how much and what information is provided to the public by making the appropriate selections on Edit Lawyer Search Preferences under the Members section of the website including (if you choose) complete address, telephone number, fax number plus email address and link to their website that can be hot linked directly from their Lawyer Search listing.

In what order are lawyers listed on Lawyer Search when a member of the public does a search?

Based on the search criteria specified by a member of the public doing the search, a randomized list of lawyers meeting that criteria is generated and displayed.

What information can I include on my website link?

The information on your website is bound by the advertising rules found with the Rules of Professional Conduct, regardless of whether the public is led to your site by a link from The Missouri Bar or they find it on their own.

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