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Courts throughout the United States have the critical role of protecting our rights by interpreting and applying laws fairly and impartially. To do this politics and the influence of money must be kept out of our courts.

For nearly three-quarters of a century, Missouri’s Non-Partisan Court Plan has helped protect the integrity of our courts by attracting high-quality judges who render justice fairly, free from the influences of politics and money.  The Missouri Bar is proud of its long history of support for this plan, which became a model for the nation. 

We invite you to join The Missouri Bar as we advocate on behalf of Missouri’s court system. Here, you’ll find useful talking points and speech outlines to help you speak to legislators, colleagues and civic groups about keeping politics and money out of our courts. We welcome your participation in this vital effort. 

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It has never been more important for the public to understand how Missouri's court system works and why the third branch of government must remain a co-equal branch -- not weakened or politicized. Lawyers are in a unique position to educate the public and build support for our state courts.

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Message Map & Talking Points

Non-Partisan Court Plan Message Map  

A Message Map is a communications tool that can be used to create talking points or speeches. It can also help you prepare for interviews on a topic.

Additional Talking Points on the Missouri Non-Partisan Court Plan

How the Missouri Plan Works Infographic

PowerPoint on Non-Partisan Court Plan

Most lawyers have heard of Missouri's Non-Partisan Court Plan and understand how it works and why it's a vital part of our state government. But outside the legal community, few people realize that the Plan has become a model for the nation.

This downloadable PowerPoint presentation was prepared for lawyers interested in speaking to the public about the Plan.

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The Missouri Plan Brochure

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History of the Non-Partisan Court Plan

From the Report by the Commission on Judicial Independence


Missouri's Gift to the Art of Government––the Non-Partisan Court Plan by Professor Rick Hardy, University of Missouri-Columbia Political Science Department

How to Advocate Effectively at the State and Community Level by Joe Moseley, former state senator

White Paper for Speakers


ABA Resources for Fair and Impartial Courts

The ABA Standing Committee on Judicial Independence has developed a number of resources to help lawyers explain the importance of fair and impartial courts. From sample op-ed pieces to message platforms and sample speeches, its resources can be easily adapted for use in communities throughout the nation. Click here for ABA resources.  


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