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Missouri Bar Efforts to Address Indigent Criminal Defense Issues Impacting Lawyers

An Open Letter to Members of The Missouri Bar from President Patrick B. Starke

The Missouri Bar is continuing its efforts to deal with the indigent criminal defense issue. A month ago, I asked four members of the Board of Governors to meet and make recommendations about what the Board could do to help lawyers deal with criminal defense appointments. The Board group made four recommendations:

  1. The Bar should offer free or reduced CLE to deal specifically with criminal appointments.
  2. The Bar should recommend a rule to the Missouri Supreme Court to deal with the complexities of appointments.
  3. The Bar should facilitate malpractice insurance issues for lawyers appointed but who are uninsured.
  4. The Bar should appoint a special committee of lawyers to make legislative recommendations to deal with the chronic issues facing the criminal justice system.

Here is my report on the status of those four recommendations.

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