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FAQs About Web Access

Question: Why can't I get a connection to MoBar Net from the Internet?
Answer: Prior to using MoBar Net from the Internet for the first time, you must install specific software that allows a secure connection to MoBar Net through the Internet. This software can be downloaded from the Private Access log in screen and must be installed on each computer device that accesses MoBar Net from the Internet. Call the REJIS Help Desk for details (314-535-9497 or 1-888-923-7255).

Question: I use AOL as my Internet browser. Will it work?
Answer: Yes, however sometimes it is easier to install the Internet software using Internet Explorer or Netscape and then access MoBar Net from AOL.

Question: Is there a minimum level of Windows software required to use MoBar Net from the Internet?
Answer: Click here for System Requirements. And, yes, you can now access MoBar Net using a Macintosh computer.

Question: Why can't I see the data at the top of an index or the error messages?
Answer: Using 640 x 480 screen size will block the data on the top of the screen. To change your screen size, right click on a blank area of your desktop. Select Properties > Settings. Go to Screen Resolution and change the screen size to 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768.

Question: I know I put in a client name/number when I accessed MoBar Net; however, that information doesn't show up on the invoice I receive from REJIS.?
Answer: REJIS has so many firms using MoBar Net that it would not be practical to print out each firm's detailed client billing information and send that report along with the invoice. That information can be obtained on-line by clicking on the Billing option at the top of the main menu. Select Billing Report Information and then choose either Final Client Bill or MTD Estimated Client Bill and the month for which you want the information. Once the information is displayed, select the Print Response option and choose to either print to a printer or a file your C: drive. Once you see the printer queue light come on, you can log off and the report will continue printing. You don't need to wait for the entire report to print before you sign off of MoBar Net.

Question: Why can't I print to any printer I want to from MoBar Net?
Answer: MoBar Net is set to automatically print to your default printer. When you click on the Print Response button to print data in the Data Files, MoBar Net uses your default printer. There is now an option that will allow you to print to most printers configured to your personal computer. After you click on Print Response, Printer, click on the Properties button next to your default printer. Click "Preview on client" under Local Settings. Click OK. Click OK again on the next screen. You will see a print preview screen. Click on the print icon on the top of the screen. You can then choose the printer to which you want to print. There are some additional options available. i.e. number of copies you wish to print, portrait or landscape, and duplex. In Data Files you cannot select portions of the text to print but must print the entire record. Click on the X to close the print preview. You must have Citrix ICA client version 10.100 or later installed to take advantage of this feature. To view what version of Citrix you have on your PC, right click on the Desktop icon in the top right corner of your screen after you are logged on to MoBar Net. Click Connection Status.

If you experience other print problems, please call the REJIS Help Desk.

Question: What does it mean when I try to log on and the error message says I am trying to log on with a "disabled" account?
Answer: First contact your firm's security administrator, REJIS representative or your billing department. Access IDs are disabled if a firm is 60 or more days past due in paying their invoices or a security violation is suspected. You may need to contact the REJIS Help Desk for more information.

Question: What does it mean when the "ICA File Not Found" message appears when I try to log on?
Answer: This usually means that your temporary Internet file is so full that the MoBar Net files cannot be loaded. To fix this situation, at the top of your Internet screen click on Tools > Internet Options. In the second box "Temporary Internet Files," click on "Delete Files." Then click by "Delete all offline content" and then OK.

Question: Why does it take so long sometimes to get my criminal history response?
Answer: As indicated in the literature initially provided to you, as well as the on-line information overview, most responses come back the day after the check has been submitted (before 10:00 a.m. for Missouri and before 1:00 p.m. for Illinois). However, some checks take longer, and we have no way of knowing which ones those might be. Here are a couple of explanations for a delayed response, which will initially come back to you as "pending."

If there is some question about the identity of the person whose name has been submitted, there may be a delay in the response. Both the MSHP and ISP match certain criteria you have submitted (i.e. name, DOB, SS# and for Illinois, race) and determine if there is enough matching criteria to identify the person in their file as that of the name you submitted. In some instances, there may not be enough certainty and you may be advised that fingerprints are needed to verify a subject.

As you know, you are receiving open records (arrests with conviction information appended). Many times there may be one or several arrests for an individual, some with conviction information and some without. In these cases, the MSHP or ISP tries to obtain a disposition for that particular arrest so the information (arrest with conviction) can be returned to you. It may take some time for the particular court to be contacted and a disposition of the case added to the record. The MSHP and/or ISP may never receive the conviction information, in which case you will receive a "no record" response as this then makes the arrest a closed record.

In either of the above two instances, we have no way of knowing how long it will take to get a final response to a "pending" inquiry. In addition, a "pending" response does not mean that there will always be a record returned. The final response will be either a "No Record" or a rap sheet. Because of this, we caution you about submitting an inquiry needed for a particular court date as it may or may not come back in time. We have been told by the MSHP and ISP that once an inquiry reaches 30 days with no response, REJIS can request information regarding these requests. The MSHP has indicated that they handle approximately 2,000 to 3,000 requests for public checks per day.