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Announcing New Services in Kansas City

Attention Kansas City Attorneys:  If you are a MoBar Net subscriber, when you log on to MoBar Net after Monday, August 29 you will see Kansas City Municipal Court case and docket information as well as Kansas City area warrants and arrests. There will be a new button under the Municipal Courts - KC/Area.The court information can be retrieved by name of the defendant, case number, or UTT number.  A docket inquiry is also available allowing you to retrieve information about cases assigned to a specific docket. Past warrants that were in the Kansas City Police Department system and new warrants entered by agencies using the REJIS law enforcement system will be available by clicking on the Warrants button. Under the Arrest Summary option you can view arrests entered by KC agencies for the previous six days.

About MoBar Net: The Missouri Bar Computer Network

MoBar Net is a subscription service developed by Missouri lawyers and offered by The Missouri Bar through a technical partner, REJIS (Regional Justice Information Service) in St. Louis.  MoBar Net offers a pathway to electronic information sources for attorneys that are not available on the internet, such as direct access to the Department of Revenue for driver's license and motor vehicle registrations among many others. In addition to giving fast and direct access, the software's design allows attorneys to readily find the precise information required. And the client billing feature can automatically assign the electronic research to specific clients. One key to a successful legal practice is having the right tools to quickly and efficiently gather information needed to successfully represent your clients. MoBar Net is that tool!

Services Available

With your subscription to MoBar Net you have access to Missouri Driver's History & Dealer information; Vehicle/Marine/Prorate Registration direct from the Department of Revenue; Municipal Courts: Kansas City, St. Louis County and St. Louis City/area Municipal Courts. For a full list of services available CLICK HERE.

Fees and Billing Options

The fee structure for MoBar Net consists of two elements: a monthly flat fee (based on usage) and data charges for some records. For a full description of the fees click "Price List for MoBar Net Services."

System and Internet Requirements

For the recommended requirements for accessing MoBar Net through the Internet and to verify your computer meets these requirements CLICK HERE.

MoBar Net User Guide

The MoBar Net User Guide is displayed in Adobe Acrobat format (.PDF). Adobe Acrobat Reader (4.0 or more recent version) is required to view PDF files. To download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader from the Adobe website, click here.

MoBar Net User Guide

Click on the above link to open. Go to Appendix B - Legal Research - for instructions on how to search Legal Research Information.

  • Sign-up Procedures

    To become a subscriber please complete all of the Service Agreement, which includes the Addendum and Request for IDs sheet.

    Mail completed forms to:

    MoBar Net
    REJIS Commission
    4255 West Pine Blvd
    St. Louis, MO 63108

    fax or email to

    Sue Baker

    Need Help?

    REJIS, The Missouri Bar's technical partner for MoBar Net, provides Help Desk assistance at no charge. The Help Desk hours are:

    Monday - Friday 7:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M., excluding holidays.

    Technical, application, and security questions should be directed to the Help Desk by calling 314-535-9497 (St. Louis) or 1-888-923-7255.

    Billing questions or general information should be directed to Sue Baker at 314-633-0240 or e-mail

    User IDs & Password Reset

    If your firm needs to have a password reset, please call the Help Desk at 314-535-9497 (St. Louis Area) or 1-888-923-7255. You must be able to provide your "verification" word to the Help Desk to change your password.

    If your firm requires additional access IDs, please call Sue Baker at 314-633-0240 or e-mail


    Try the frequently asked questions for common technical problems. CLICK HERE