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    Thank you for your interest in working at The Missouri Bar. There is currently one job opening and we are also currently accepting proposals concerning the below contract request: 

    Request for Proposal for Information Technology Assessment 

    Proposal Overview:

    The Missouri Bar requests proposals for a technology assessment of its network infrastructure and associated information technology systems and business applications to best meet the needs of Missouri Bar members and staff in their efforts to assist members and the public. 

    About The Missouri Bar

    The Missouri Bar is a statewide nonprofit legal organization based in Jefferson City, Mo., that is dedicated to improving the legal profession, the law and the administration of justice for all Missourians. Created in 1944 by order of the Supreme Court of Missouri, it serves all 30,000 of Missouri’s practicing attorneys. To achieve its mission, The Missouri Bar provides a wide range of services and resources reliant on technology to its members, as well as the media, educators and the citizens of Missouri. 

    Project Description:

    The Missouri Bar is seeking a vendor to develop a report presenting short-term and long-term observations and recommendations on the organization’s overall technology design, uses and future needs. In addition, the vendor would provide an analysis, including whether or not existing systems are adequate and where improvements are needed, in regard to the following areas:

    • Current association management system (iMIS) maintenance and upgrades, data architecture, validity and security  
    • Future direction of association management software at The Missouri Bar 
    • Membership data integration with key business applications including e-commerce, accounting, MCLE reporting and enrollment fees as well as staff access of membership information 
    • Overall IT design and testing of that design to identify strengths, weaknesses, risks and opportunities 
    • Current reliance on internally developed/maintained applications for membership services (MCLE reporting, fees, etc.) 
    • Management of The Missouri Bar’s public and members only web presence 
    • Direction of future IT infrastructure improvements, including increased virtualization, offsite infrastructure, load balancing and partner vendors 
    • The Missouri Bar’s internal network, including associated hardware, software, security, speed and integration with partner vendors 
    • Back-up and recovery systems 
    • Email messaging system and validation and recommendations for email marketing solutions 
    • IT support services:  remote access, anti-virus applications, equipment inventory, etc. 
    • Document management 


    The Missouri Bar anticipates the vendor will provide a report with information sufficient to make decisions concerning the state bar’s IT infrastructure including a prioritization of recommendations on the above systems with respect to The Missouri Bar’s objectives, strategic plan, size and budget. 

    The Missouri Bar requests that the report include an analysis of regulatory compliance and industry specific best practices as well as short-term and long-term recommendations regarding IT staffing, support and project management.

    The contracted company will be expected to be in contact with The Missouri Bar staff through all phases of the assessment, meeting as needed in person, by phone, email or videoconferencing, and providing written progress updates.

    Any assignment or subcontracting by the selected vendor for the work to be performed, or goods and/or services to be provided, in whole or in part, and any other interest in conjunction with this request for proposal, is the responsibility of the contracted company. The vendor contracted to perform this assessment is not guaranteed any further work related to recommendations delivered in the assessment.

    Proposal Requirements:

    Proposals must include:

    1. Introduction summarizing your company’s background, resources and relevant experience.  
    2. Examples or samples of past assessments, preferably of a similar size and scope for nonprofit associations.  
    3. References from past assessments, preferably matching those listed in response to Question 2. 
    4. Proposed budget for the assessment. The proposed budget should include a suggested work plan and a breakdown of fees for professional services, hours, administrative services, expenses and the hourly rate of any work not included in the proposed contract. Note: The Missouri Bar is tax exempt. 
    5. Proposed schedule for the assessment, including assessment stages with deadlines, milestones and payments.  
    6. Identify the company’s point of contact, including name, title, phone and e-mail address. 

     Selection Criteria: 

    Proposals received will be evaluated by The Missouri Bar based on the following selection criteria:

    • Demonstrated experience in information technology assessments and association management systems, nonprofit association experience preferred  
    • Understanding the purpose and the scope of this assessment request 
    • Expected timeline for completing the assessment   
    • Proposed price 
    • Companies or vendors currently under contract with The Missouri Bar for information technology services are ineligible for this contract 


    Proposal Submission:  

    E-mail all proposal materials to Farrah Fite, Media Relations Director, at Please also contact her with questions or for further information concerning the scope of the project.

    Proposal Timeline:

    Deadline for submission of proposal to The Missouri Bar is Friday, April 15, 2016.  

    It is anticipated the selection will be completed by May 10, 2016.  



    Committees/Section Liaison

    The Missouri Bar seeks a Committees/Section Liaison to assist and facilitate a wide range of existing and new initiatives related to member committees and sections through communications, project development, meetings, resource development, relationship building and organizational matters. The ideal candidate will be highly organized, able to multitask in a fast-paced environment and offer superb customer service.   

    Responsibilities include assisting with committee activities, including facilitation of committee-developed agendas, meeting/educational materials, scheduling and promotional communication, committee information dissemination, post-meeting follow-up, budgetary considerations, and effective facilities management. 

    Applicants must be proficient in Microsoft Office. Proficiency in association management software, content management systems and online communities is highly preferred. Effective project management and the ability to collaborate with staff, members and vendors while maintaining attention to detail and a high level of professionalism is key. 

    Bachelor’s degree and two or more years association or nonprofit experience preferred. 

    Position located in Jefferson City. Occasional travel required. Apply by April 1, 2016, by sending cover letter, resume and salary requirements to EOE


    Jobs for Missouri Lawyers

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