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Dobson Technologies Cloud Backup & Hosting

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The Missouri Bar has an agreement with Dobson Technologies, an Oklahoma-based company, to provide cloud backup, recovery and hosting solutions at a discounted rate for Missouri Bar members. The loss of your data can mean the loss of income, liability or disciplinary issues and even the loss of your practice. Loss can result from a failed hard drive to a major disaster. Either way, without your data securely stored and easily retrievable, you’re out of business. Using this service will ease your worries about backing up your computer system because it’s automatically done for you. Dobson Technologies’ cloud backup, recovery, and hosting solutions feature personal service from certified professionals that help law firms across the nation reduce costs, minimize risks and ensure data availability 24/7. The Missouri Bar joins 16 other bar associations to recommend Dobson Technologies which serves more than half a million attorneys. Here’s why:

Customized Backup/Recovery
  • Automated and daily
  • Unlimited retentions
  • (NEW) Tablets and smart phone protection
  • Off-site data storage in two private data centers in the U.S.
  • Daily e-mail validation of backups
  • Certified experts monitoring your backup 24/7
  • Reduction in cost
  • Built-in backup
  • Accessibility of your data and apps 24/7
  • Data encryption while en route and stored
  • Maximum security
  • vCloud Powered partner of VMware

It costs you nothing to check into this new service. For a free, no obligation assessment, visit or call (866) 981-5946.