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News Reporter's Handbook on Law and Courts

The Missouri Press-Bar Commission
Revised Online Edition (Click Here for PDF of Complete Handbook - 125 pages)

This Revised Online Edition of the News Reporters Handbook on Law and the Courts is published by The Missouri Press-Bar Commission. It updates the previously revised edition published in 1981.

Most of the work of revising the information in this edition was completed by Dan Curry, a former journalist who is now a lawyer.

Special acknowledgement must also be made to those who conceived and wrote the first version of this book in 1981: John R. Gibson, Judge Forest Hanna, Bob Priddy, Steve Shannon, Robert Sigman, Joseph Snyder, Dale Spencer and Jerry W. Venters and E. A. Richter.

Without the efforts of these judges, lawyers and journalists, this project would not have been completed.

Finally, to those working reporters who use this handbook, we extend an invitation to comment on it and to offer suggestions for improvements, which can be made as the handbook is revised from time to time.