Issue: Legislative Activities

The Missouri Bar is actively involved in legislative endeavors. All such activities are strictly nonpartisan. The Board of Governors carefully developed the bar's written legislative policy that sets out the legislative scope of The Missouri Bar and outlines procedures for initiating and responding to legislation. Proposals drafted by Missouri Bar committees are in scope if they improve the law.

Bar involvement in proposals initiated outside the bar is limited to responding to proposed legislation that affects the administration of justice, the integrity of the judiciary, or the dignity of the profession of law.

During the legislative session, the bar's legislative staff reviews all legislative proposals filed and decides those that should be referred to the bar's Legislative Committee and substantive law legislative review subcommittees for study and comment. The Executive Committee of the Board of Governors meets regularly to review proposals found to be within the bar's legislative scope and decide what position, if any, the bar should take on those proposals. Technical drafting comments and suggestions are also frequently provided to legislative sponsors. Testimony for or against such proposals may also be presented at legislative hearings by bar members. Bar staff, working with volunteer members of bar committees, secure sponsors for legislative proposals, witnesses for hearings, coordinate contacts with legislators, and generally assist in working for passage of bar drafted proposals and defeat of proposals the bar opposes

This year's legislative agenda consists of a wide range of proposals, affecting criminal law, family law, probate law.