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Managing Your Law Practice


A collection of sample forms to help you communicate with your clients

ClientKeeper (PDF)
ClientKeeper (Word)

Sample Fee Agreements

Includes sample flat fee, hourly fee, and contingency fee contracts

Sample Fee Agreements - Table of Contents
Sample Fee Agreements Forms & Comments

Sample Fee Agreements (PDF)

IOLTA (Mandatory)

All licensed attorneys must certify compliance with Supreme Court Rule 4-1.15 relating to trust accounts. Each attorney must provide information about the trust account(s) they use, or certify a valid exemption for not maintaining a trust account.

Eligible Financial Institutions
Self-Audit for Lawyer Trust Accounting

Lawyer Trust Account Handbook

A practical guide for setting up your trust account and making trust account decisions.

Lawyer Trust Account Handbook - PDF
Lawyer Trust Account Handbook - Word


Self-Audit to assist with improving your law practice

Self-Audit (Word)

File Retention and Destruction Guidelines

File Retention and Destruction Guidelines Sample Policy Developed by The Bar Plan

File Retention and Destruction Guidelines Sample Policy

Planning Ahead Guide for Death or Disability

This ready-made plan allows you to appoint a successor lawyer in case of your disability or sudden death.

 Planning Ahead Guide (Word)

Law Practice Management Tips

Various tips from Practice Management Advisors working in bar associations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

How to Avoid Scams


Avoiding Scams 

Tips to Survive Economic Downturn

Survival in Turbulent Times: Using a Business Plan to Focus the Small Law Firm by John W. Olmstead, MBA, Ph.D., CMC

Lawyer Resources for a Changing Economy

Survival Tips to Swim and Not Sink

ABA Practice Management Pipe

RSS Feed to ABA Practice Management Advisors' blogs that contain helpful tips and information about managing your law practice.

Credit Card Processing for Attorneys

Law Pay Credit Card Processing: Credit Card Processing for Attorneys. Trust your transactions to the only payment solution suggested by over 50 bar associations. Correctly safeguard and separate client funds into trust and operating accounts. Funds are never commingled. The ability to accept credit cards attracts clients, improves cash flow and reduces collections. Plus, members will save up to 25% off their credit card processing fees. If you are considering accepting credit cards or want to confirm that you are processing credit card transactions correctly, call 866-376-0950 or visit LawPay Credit Card Processing.

Ethics Opinions

Ethics opinions include formal opinions and informal advisory opinions.

Legal Management Consultants

These links to assist you to manage your practice are provided as a courtesy only.

Olmstead and Associates

Altman Weil

Magazines and Webzines

Law Practice
Published by the ABA contains practical articles on managing your law practice.

Law Practice Today
Webzine newsletter published by the ABA Law Practice Management Section that contains helpful and useful articles on management, marketing, finance, technology and others.

LawPRO Magazine
Published by the Lawyers' Professional Indemnity Company in Toronto, Ontario


Using Checklists

Checklists in Your Law Practice  


Software to Manage Your Leads and Contacts

Audio and Video Resources

Audio and Video Resources to Manage Your Practice
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