for the Mac fans….yet another reason for any solo or small firm that is using iPads or iPhones to ensure that the office computer is an iMac.


Printopia offers a free trial and costs $19.95 to buy. You download it on any Mac desktop computer that has access to your wifi signal, be it at home or office. Installation is nothing more than the download and double-click. It was one of the smoothest and easiest Preference pane installs I have ever done on a Mac.


After that, any and every iPhone or iPad that has access to that same wifi network can print to any printer that the Mac desktop has access to. The mobile devices can also "send" to the Mac desktop computer itself, to any folder or folders specified in the Preference pane, to Evernote, or to a Dropbox folder on that desktop computer. We put it on an office computer and now all of the various Mac mobile devices we have here (6 and counting) can use any of the printers in the office, send to specified folders, or send to a common Dropbox or Evernote folder. Ditto at home so that my wife, I, and the kids when visiting, can all use the home printer. To be clear - no app on the mobiles; they just need to get on the wifi.


Screenshot attached shows the Print window on my iPhone immediately after install of the demo on my iMac, even before I made any changes. The Preference pane on my iMac refers to AirPrint printers but that is not correct - the Dymo LabelWriter, the HP and the Ricoh are not Airpirint printers but, since my iMac is on the same network as those printers and can print to all of them, they are available to Printopia, too. BTW, I took the screenshot on my iPhone and sent it to my iMac via Printopia for the purposes of this email.