This tip is provided by Diane Ebersole with the State Bar of Michigan.

If you are looking for an affordable alternative to Adobe Acrobat, you can’t beat PrimoPDF because it’s free! Granted, PrimoPDF doesn’t do everything Adobe Acrobat does, but it will create a PDF file from any file that prints. The PrimoPDF creation profile allows you to create the same kind of PDF file every time. Choose from predefined profiles or create a custom profile. Any newly created PDF can easily be appended to an existing PDF and you can set the document properties to control what metadata is included in each PDF creation. You can also control whether a viewer of your PDF creation can print, copy the text, add comments, or change the contents of the file. The newest version includes a drag-and-drop PDF creation option that allows you to drag a file to the PrimoPDF desktop icon to create the document. Alternatively, you can choose the PrimoPDF printer option. The PrimoPDF download takes about 15 seconds, and the install completes in less than 2 minutes. Choosing to also install the PrimoPDF Reader adds another 2 minutes to the process. PrimoPDF provides a very viable alternative to the more pricey Adobe Acrobat. Check it out!