What is a PMA?

This tip is provided by Diane Ebersole with the State Bar of Michigan's Practice Management Resource Center.

Do you struggle with the everyday management demands of your firm? Do you find yourself thinking "There has got to be a better way?" A recent post by Jared Correia, PMA from Massachusetts, does an outstanding job of explaining the role of the Practice Management Advisor. Take a minute and read this post, then check the list to see if there is a PMA available in your jurisdiction. If your jurisdiction doesn’t provide PMA services maybe it is time to start lobbying your bar association to add this member benefit.

Here is a snippet of "Outside Counsel: Because You Can’t Spell ‘Practice Management Advice’ Without P-M-A."

"Practice management advisors address an array of subjects related to the practical practice of law, including: financial management, technology applications, marketing and advertising queries; office organization; client relations; and, much, much more."

Read the entire post at http://ht.ly/1Y9D3 to learn more about how working with a PMA can help you build and strengthen your practice.