Law Practice Magazine Legal Malpractice Risks Issue - July/August 2010

This tip is provided by Diane Ebersole with the State Bar of Michigan's Practice Management Resource Center.

If you subscribe to and receive the hard copy version of "Law Practice," sponsored by the ABA Law Practice Management Section, you know the July/August edition is very valuable. The on line version of "Law Practice" is available at . This "Special Issue: Avoiding Malpractice" has feature articles written by Daniel Pinnington, William Freivogel, Jim Calloway, Justice Carole Curtis, Christian Stiegemeyer, Malcom Mercer and David Ries in addition to the regular columns.

Dealing with malpractice claims can bring your practice to a standstill. Most attorneys today cannot afford to expend the time and energy required to deal with such claims regardless of the validity of the claim. Instead, spend the time proactively doing your best to insure your practice from the risk of malpractice. There are also new risks in the form of scams, social media, risks associated with a virtual practice and safeguarding client data.

The articles in this edition of "Law Practice" will help you evaluate your risk and determine what preventative actions to initiate.

Be proactive; insure your days are spent practicing law on behalf of your clients, not in defense of your oversights or mistakes.