Positive Turn Offs

Turn off the alerts on your cell phone, stay focused on your work and then focus on your e-mail.

Turn off  the e-mail pop-up notifications on your computer, schedule specific times to check your e-mail.

Turn off I’ll do that tomorrow, do it now. Tomorrow might be the filing deadline.

Turn off negativity, lead with a smile. Regardless of your role in the office, make yourself the force for change.

Turn off your fear of change, look for innovative ways to increase productivity, decrease stress and improve the quality of your business life.

Turn off your ego and ask for help. Collaborate with colleagues. Many states offer practice management advisor service. Check with your state bar association and the list of providers at the ABA .

Today's tip came from the State Bar of Michigan - PMRC Tip of the Week at http://www.michbar.org/pmrc/content.cfm