Before You Contract

During these tough economic times many solo, small firm and newly independent attorneys are accepting contract work.

SoloSEZ has had several discussion threads on this topic. Check out those discussions in the SoloSEZ archives. (A username and password are required to access the archives but you do not need to join the SoloSEZ list serve.)

In addition to how much you will be paid, consider the following questions before you accept contract work:

Has the contracting firm had experience affiliating in this fashion?
Does the contracting firm or individual have malpractice insurance?
If so, does the policy cover a contract lawyer?
Can you be added at no charge? If a charge is imposed, who pays it?
Will the policy cover work outside of the firm?
Does the contracting firm or the lawyer pay the deductible?
If you meet with a client of the contracting firm, on whose behalf are your meeting, yours or the firm's?
How are conflicts of interest handled? Is there a reporting mechanism and screen that can be used?
Is there a written agreement?

Contract work may provide short term economic benefits, but excellent contract work may also open doors to long term growth and development of your practice!

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