Livescribe Smart Pen

This tip is provided by Diane Ebersole with the State Bar of Michigan.

Imagine being in a meeting with your client, taking notes, and at the end of the meeting having not only your written notes, but an audio recording of the session which is electronically tied to your notes. What does that mean? When the session is over, touching the pen to your notes will automatically play back the coordinating audio. Additionally, by setting the pen in its docking station, written notes and the associated audio are automatically uploaded to your computer. How is this possible? This pen, which is slightly larger than a standard pen has built in microphones and a tiny infrared camera. When used in conjunction with “dot paper” (purchase or print yourself), you capture the sound, the notes and the ability to upload everything to a computer. The notes actually look like they have been scanned into your PC. Check out the following article for a good review and additional details: Shop for the pen and see demos and additional software options at: