Disk Imaging Software

Do you know where all the software CDs for the applications on your computer are stored? Do you know where the product keys are stored? If you downloaded the software and received the product key via an e-mail, do you know where it is? Do you still have it? How long will it take you to find the CDs and the software keys if your computer crashes and you need to re-install software? Do you know it is OK to burn a copy of most software disks to keep as a backup? Do you have an image of your computer saved so that the entire system can be restored in one operation?

This website reviews disk imaging software which facilitates restoring everything on your hard drive including applications! Consider adding imaging software to your arsenal of back-up tools. In the meantime, make sure your answer to the “Do you” questions is yes.

Today's tip came from the State Bar of Michigan - PMRC Tip of the Week at http://www.michbar.org/pmrc/content.cfm