Quickly Reduce PDF File Size

The use of Adobe Acrobat and PDF file format is a growing trend in almost all aspects of the legal environment. Once PDF documents are created they are often transmitted electronically and file size can become an issue. If you have a full version of Adobe Acrobat (not Adobe Reader), there is a really quick and easy way to reduce the file size. Print the file to your Adobe printer! This action does not create a printed document, but it creates an electronic file (It doesn’t make sense, but that is what happens.) When you create this file you are prompted for a file name. Create an amended file name before you hit save to protect your original. The cautionary caveat is to remember that you are creating an “electronic printed file” so navigational tools you may have built into your original PDF, such as bookmarks, will not be available.

If you are creating your PDF from Word or Word Perfect, use the print to PDF option instead of “Save as PDF” and you will have created the smaller file size from the get go. You still need to have a full version of Adobe installed to complete this option.

A third option available to reduce the file size in the Pro versions of Adobe can be found by navigating to Advanced on the Menu Bar then to PDF Optimizer on the drop down menu. Using this option will leave features like bookmarks in the document but still reduce the file size.

Today's tip came from the State Bar of Michigan - PMRC Tip of the Week at http://www.michbar.org/pmrc/content.cfm.