Information Overload Help

This tip is provided by Diane Ebersole with the State Bar of Michigan's Practice Management Resource Center.

If "information overload" or "information disorganization" is driving you nuts, check out Evernote . The free version is amazing, and the purchased version at $5/month is even more powerful. This application works on practically every platform, integrates across devices, and is so easy to use; it is almost guaranteed to be a major contributor to your sanity.

A very comprehensive review of Evernote is available from: . This is the introductory paragraph: "What if you could collect, in one well-organized, searchable, private digital repository, all the notes you create, clips from Web pages and emails you want to recall, dictated audio memos, photos, key documents, and more? And what if that repository was constantly synchronized, so it was accessible through a Web browser and through apps on your various computers and smart phones?"

The Evernote review at

includes "10 Reasons Why You Should Download and Try Evernote."

Read these reviews and see if this tool might be a valuable addition to your arsenal of information management solutions. Try the free version and upgrade to the paid version if you determine you need the additional features. The comparison chart is available at: