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This tip is provided by Diane Ebersole with the State Bar of Michigan's Practice Management Resource Center.

Rick Borstein’s blog "Acrobat for Legal Professionals" is a resource legal professionals should have feeding their iGoogle page, RSS feed or email. Subscribe from . His most recent post "Add a Flatten Document Menu Item to Acrobat" is available here . This blog consistently provides valuable tips and tools specifically designed for the legal environment.

Rick and Mark Middleton also do a series of great free webinars. Scroll down Rick’s blog to the January 28th posting for a list with descriptions of each session or register directly from  

The sessions are free, one hour long and the only requirement is pre-registration. The next two in the series are:

April 2 - Acrobat 9 and Microsoft Office Extend the functionality of Microsoft Office and your other applications with Adobe Acrobat, the essential complement

April 16 - Acrobat 9 Tips & Tricks

Learn how to set preferences to streamline workflow, reduce the size of PDF documents, create a full-text index for faster search, use batch processing to save time, create a custom stamp, place an image in a PDF, add a "Print" button and more.