Eliminate the Appearance of Error-Reporting Windows

Although Windows XP is the most stable of any of the previous Windows releases, chances are you've experienced a program crash at least once or twice. And if you have, you've seen the error-reporting window, which appears and prompts you to send a report to Microsoft, detailing what was happening on your computer when the error occurred. This data is used to improve future releases of Microsoft software, but sometimes the error-reporting windows provide little more than an annoyance to you, especially if the crash occurred in the middle of an important project. Luckily, by using the System Configuration Utility there's a way to get rid of the Windows XP error-reporting messages so you don't have to deal with them.

Click the Start button and choose Run. In the Open text box, type msconfig, and then hit [Enter] to launch the System Configuration Utility. Select the Services tab, and then scroll down and deselect the Error Reporting Service check box. Next, click OK. In the System Configuration dialog box, click the Restart button to reboot your system. Your PC now boots without loading the error-reporting service.

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