Keeping Text Together

This tip is provided by Dee Crocker of the Oregon State Bar Professional Liability Fund.

Dates should never appear with the month at the end of one line and the day at the beginning of the next line. To resolve this problem, use Ctrl + Shift + space key between the month and date in Word or Crtl + space key in WordPerfect, and the program will treat the month and day as one word. This also works with prefixes and names, i.e. Mr. Brown.

On a similar note, names such as Coca-Cola or Georgia-Pacific should never appear with part of the name on one line and the other part on another (or without the hyphen!). In Word, instead of just typing a regular hyphen, hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys, then type the hyphen. In WordPerfect, hold down the Ctrl key as you type the hyphen.

For a permanent solution, set this up using Word's AutoCorrect or WordPerfect’s QuickCorrect feature. With this method, you can change it once and it's fixed forever.

1. Type Coca-Cola with a required hyphen between the two words. Then select the text.

2. Click the Tools menu, AutoCorrect Options in Word or QuickCorrect in WordPerfect. On the AutoCorrect tab or QuickCorrect dialog box, you'll notice Coca-Cola is already in the With box (because you selected it in Step 1).

3. In the Replace box, type Coca-Cola (with a regular hyphen), Add, OK.

From now on, every time you type Coca-Cola with a regular hyphen, it will be replaced with the required hyphen.

Note: This permanent solution can also be used for the paragraph and section symbols so they are not separated from the numbers. Just replace ¶ or § with a hard space after them (see above), and when you type either it will be replaced with the symbol and the hard space.