Make the News: Help a Reporter Out!

This tip is provided by Jared D. Correia with the Massachusetts Law Office Management Assistance Program.

Do you ever read an article and wonder how the attorneys or other people quoted in it get found by the reporters? Are they friends with the reporter? Are they on some special database of experts? Maybe, but more likely they have responded to a reporter query from “Help A Reporter Out” (HARO), or another free query list.

When you sign up for HARO: (and there is no reason that you should not sign up for HARO), you’ll get 3 emails a day with 20 or so queries from reporters on all sorts of subjects. If one applies to you (or a client of yours, who might want to be in a story), you respond to the reporter; if the querying reporter decides to use you, you’ll be contacted. Be sure to respond on-topic, and tell the reporter why you are the perfect person for their story.

Another free, but smaller, service is ReportersSource:

If you are on Twitter, you can follow these people for late-breaking and urgent requests for sources:

@skydiver (HARO) (

@ReportersSource (

@ProfNet (

@SCGLPRNetwork (Sun Communications Group Legal PR Network) (

As Peter Shankman, the founder of HARO says, “Get sourced, get quoted, get famous!”