Internet Explorer - Using Print Preview to Avoid Printing Unnecessary Pages

Printing from a website can be frustrating because you never know what's actually going to print. You might get 10 separate sheets with each frame on a separate page, have 2 inches of text cut off on one side, find out that it prints 8 pages, when you only wanted the information on page 3, or have a dark background obscure any visible text. To stop wasting paper and get more usable prints, you can do a Print Preview whenever you aren't sure how the print output is going to look.

The basic way to preview a print job is:

-Pull up the webpage you want to print

-Select File from the main Internet Explorer menu bar

-Choose Print Preview from the drop-down menu

-The default view will be of the first page only

-At the bottom of the page is a box that says Page __ of ___. This tells you how many total pages would print if you simply printed the document the usual way.

-To the right of “Page ___ of ____” is a series of arrows. Click on the right-facing arrow and you will be able to scroll through the document to see what text will appear on each page. You can then decide which page(s) you want to print!

Close this window and go back to File. In the “Page Range” area you can choose a single page number or a range of pages.

If you prefer to use your keyboard instead of your mouse, you can press [Alt]F (together) and then press V to get to the same place.