Can't Read It, Part 2 - Keyboard Shortcuts

Using the tips described in Can’t Read It – Viewing a Website without the Clutter, allows you to view a website without the “clutter.’ This facilitates easier reading and printing. However if all you need is to make the text larger to enhance the readability the following tips may help.

If you simply want to make the view of any web page larger, hold down the Control Key and hit the + key. Each repeat of the + will enlarge the web page another step. Conversely, the Control Key and the - key will shrink the “size” of the web page.

Enlarge: CTRL +
Shrink: CTRL -

On a Mac:
Enlarge: Apple +
Shrink: Apple -

If your mouse has a scroll wheel, you can use it and do the same thing. Hold down the Control Key and scroll forward, away from yourself, to enlarge the website; scroll back, toward yourself, to shrink the website.

Using these tips will not change the way the site or article prints. If that is your goal, refer to the last tip.