Technology & Computer Law

HCS/HB 128 – Modifies provisions relating to taxation. 

 Currently, in all counties other than counties with a charter form of government or counties under township organization, statements of property taxes due are sent by mail to taxpayers. This act authorizes such counties to send the statement electronically. The electronic address provided by the taxpayer will be considered a closed record. (Signed 7/12/13) 

SCS/HB 196 – Removes the in person requirement for claimants reporting to an office of the Division of Employment Security. Claimants will be allowed to report by internet or other means as determined by the Division. The act also removes the reporting requirement for claimants residing in a county with unemployment of 10% or more and a county seat at least 40 miles from the closest Division office. There is emergency clause for these provisions. (Signed 7/11/13) 

SS/HB 253 – Requires the Department of Revenue to participate in an on-line registration system for sales tax collection and provide certain electronic databases. (See Taxation Law, supra). 

SCS/HB 322 – Allows proof of financial responsibility and other insurance–related documents to be provided or presented through electronic means. (Signed 7/9/13)