HB 321 – Second Injury Fund. Changes the laws regard­ing the Second Injury Fund. Among other provisions, this legislation allows any entity required to pay the an­nual surcharge to the second injury fund to claim a credit against any income tax owed; repeals the $40 per week benefit paid out of the fund to an injured employee who is receiving physical rehabilitation; specifies that all claims for permanent disability where there has been a previous disability and the injury occurred before July 1, 2013 to be compensated under current law and must be filed by July 1, 2015.

Specifies that any injury occurring after July 1, 2013, will not be payable from the second injury fund, but will be pay­able by the employer or its insurer; specifies that payments from the fund for the injury or death of an employee of an uninsured employer that occurred on or after July 1, 2013, will be eliminated; establishes a specific priority for paying any liabilities of the fund; specifies that when all liabilities against the fund have ended, the director must continue to collect the surcharge for the remainder of the calendar year and transfer any remaining balance to the workers’ compensation fund on January 1 of the following year.

HB 333 – Funding the Second Injury Fund. Changes the laws regarding the collection of sales and use taxes and funding the Second Injury Fund.

HB 430 – Uniform experience rating plan. Changes the laws regarding the uniform experience rating plan of workers’ compensation insurance.

HB 466 – Family Business Growth Act. Establishes the Family Business Growth Act which allows up to two members of an employer’s family to opt out of workers’ compensation insurance.
HCS SS#2 SCS SB 1 – Workers’ compensation, occupa­tional disease, Second Injury Fund. Modifies the law re­lating to workers’ compensation. Among other provisions, this legislation specifically states that occupational diseases are exclusively covered under workers’ compensation laws; defines occupational diseases due to toxic exposure.

Requires that claims filed after the effective date of the act against the fund involving subsequent compensable injuries that are occupational diseases to be compensated as other second injury fund claims are compensated; disallows claims for permanent partial disability against the fund after the effective date of the act – claims for permanent total disability shall only be allowed for instances where there exists a medically documented preexisting perma­nent disability caused by military duty or a preexisting permanent partial disability equaling a maximum of 50 weeks of compensation which is either a direct result of active military duty, a compensable injury, an injury that is not compensable but aggravates the subsequent injury, or a preexisting permanent partial disability of an extremity, loss of eyesight in one eye, or loss of hearing in one ear and there is subsequent work-related injury to the opposite extremity, eye or ear;

Places limitations on when the Treasurer may enter into agreed statements of fact and compromise settlements, capped at $60,000 for claims other than permanent total disability for claims filed prior to the effective date of the act, and capped at 200 times the employee’s permanent total disability rate for all claims; states that the fund will no longer cover expenses relating to the death and injury of employees of uninsured employers.

SS SB 34 – Workers’ compensation database. Requires the Division of Workers’ Compensation to develop and maintain a workers’ compensation claims database.

SB 255 – ALJ Review Committee. Removes the Director of the Division of Workers’ Compensation as a member of the Administrative Law Judge Review Committee.

SB 292 – Workers compensation overpayment tax refund. Allows for a refund for workers’ compensation tax over­payments.


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