Probate & Trust Law

HB 144 / SB 196 – Private trust companies and ADR clauses. Allows private trust companies to be examined every 36 months and makes alternative dispute provisions in trusts enforceable. In scope only as to certain sections. Oppose mandatory alternative dispute resolution. Support Supreme Court Rule 17.

HB 447 / SB 100 – Exemption for inherited IRAs and HSAs. Adds interest in health savings plans and inherited accounts to the list of exemptions in bankruptcy proceed­ings. *** Drafted by The Missouri Bar Probate & Trust Law Committee and approved by the Missouri Bar Board of Gov­ernors as Bar-drafted legislation.

SB 405 – Funeral trusts. Excludes money placed in an ir­revocable personal funeral trust from being considered as an asset when determining eligibility for public assistance.


Index of Bills by Subject Matter

  • CCS - Conference Committee Substitute
  • HB - House Bill
  • HCS - House Committee Substitute
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  • HJR - House Joint Resolution
  • SB - Senate Bill
  • SCS - Senate Committee Substitute
  • SS - Senate Substitute
  • SJR - Senate Joint Resolution
  • * - Missouri Bar Committee-Drafted Legislation

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