Local Government

HCS HB 28 – Local ordinances due to disaster. Authorizes any county commission, municipality, or fire protection district to adopt an order or ordinance, including a burn ban order, regarding its emergency management functions as they relate to a natural or man-made disaster.

HB 49 – County budgets. Authorizes a county to amend its budget to reflect any increases or decreases in revenues that could not have been estimated or anticipated when the budget was adopted.

HB 57 – Unlawful detention of citizens. Prohibits a state agency or political subdivision or a member of the Mis­souri National Guard from knowingly aiding an agency of the United States armed forces in specified unlawful detention of a citizen.

HB 67 – Local law enforcement jurisdiction. Allows a lo­cal law enforcement officer to provide assistance outside his or her jurisdiction upon the request of or permission granted by specified law enforcement agencies.

HB 84 – Traffic violation revenue. Changes the laws re­garding the requirements of the governing body of a city, town, or village when its annual revenue from fines and court costs for traffic violations exceed 35% of its total annual revenue.

HCS HB 128 – Property tax bills. Requires collectors in all counties, except for counties under township organization, to mail or electronically send property tax bills 30 days before the taxes are delinquent.
HB 138 / SB 137 – Local government budget amendments. Authorizes a county to amend its budget twice during a fiscal year when there are certain specified circumstances.

HCS#2 HB 178 – Local ballot proposals. Changes the laws regarding a local ballot proposal by a political subdivision to enact a tax.

HB 189 – Procedure for primary election ties. Establishes procedures for general elections following primary elec­tions that have resulted in a tie vote between candidates for a county office.

HCS HB 235 –County treasurers. Changes the laws regard­ing the qualifications for a candidate for county treasurer or county collector-treasurer.

HB 363 – Appointment of acting county municipal judge. Allows for the appointment of an acting county municipal court judge on a temporary basis if any judge of a county municipal court becomes ill or is otherwise unavailable.

HB 370 – Surcharge in municipal traffic cases. Allows municipalities to assess an additional surcharge of up to $7 per municipal traffic violation case unless the case has been dismissed by the court or the court finds the defendant unable to pay the cost.

SB 99 – St. Louis City Public Administrator. This act will make the St. Louis City public administrator an appointed position. of any records regarding internal investigations by law enforcement agencies into the fitness and conduct of a law enforcement officer or any record regarding a law en­forcement officer’s employment status; allows the closing of any record regarding a police shooting if it contains the name of the officer who did the shooting, unless the officer has been charged with a crime as a result of a shooting; prohibits any law enforcement agency from disclosing the name of any officer who was the shooter or one of the shooters involved in a police shooting unless the officer has been charged with a crime as a result of the shooting.

HB 600 / SB 122 / SB 139 / SB 170 – Sunshine Law. Ex­tends the expiration date for the closure of certain records, meetings and votes relating to operational guidelines and security systems to December 31, 2017. Among other provisions, requires a public governmental body to have received evidence that a lawsuit has been filed or have correspondence from a party stating that litigation will be filed under certain circumstances before it closes meet­ings, records and votes due to “a cause of action”; requires that only members of a public governmental body, their attorney and staff assistants, and any other person neces­sary to provide information needed by or requested by the public governmental body with regard to the matter being discussed is permitted in a closed meeting.


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