Health & Hospital Law

  HB 100 – Adult Health Care Consent Act. Establishes the Adult Health Care Consent Act that specifies a priority of persons who can make health care decisions for a person who has been certified as unable to consent to his or her own care. Among other provisions, the priority order is: (1) a court-appointed guardian, (2) an attorney-in-fact appointed in a durable power of attorney. (3) an individual appointed by law, (4) a spouse, unless the spouse and pa­tient are separated or have a divorce pending, (5) a parent or adult child, (6) an adult sibling, grandparent, or adult grandchild, (7) any other relative by blood or marriage who is reasonably believed by the health care professional to have a close personal relationship with the patient, (8) any nonrelative who is reasonably believed by the health care professional to have a close personal relationship with the patient, (9) a person given authority to make health care decisions for the patient by another statutory provision.

HB 308 – Homebirth services. Requires persons certified and providing homebirth services to provide proof of malpractice insurance coverage of at least $1 million prior to the provision of services. Failure to provide such proof is a class C misdemeanor.

HCS HB 314 – Collaborative practice. Changes the laws regard­ing collaborative practice arrangements and advanced practice registered nurses. Among other provisions, this legislation repeals the requirement that the name of the collaborating physician be printed on a controlled substance label when the prescription is written by an advanced practice registered nurse; specifies that a physi­cian may delegate to a registered professional nurse or a licensed practical nurse the authority to administer or dispense drugs and provide treatment if the delivery of the services is within the scope of practice of the nurse, and is consistent with the nurse’s skill, training and competence.

HCS HB 351 / SB 109 – Hospital licensure and inspection. Changes the requirements for hospital licensure and in­spections. Among other provisions, this legislation requires the Department of Health and Senior Services to review and revise its regulations governing hospital licensure and enforcement to promote efficiency and eliminate duplicate regulations and inspections by or on behalf of the state and federal agencies; the Department is also required to adopt certain regulations, including specific findings of deficiencies to refer to the specific standard, consistency with federal centers for Medicare and Medicaid services’ Conditions of Participation, published guidelines for complaint investigations and a process to determine if a complaint warrants an onsite investigation, and a process to provide a hospital with a report of all complaints made against it.

HCS HB 457 – Conscience rights for medical service pro­viders. Specifies that anyone providing medical services cannot be required to perform or participate in activities that violate his or her conscience or principles.

HB 688 – Medical marijuana. Changes the laws regarding the classification of marijuana as a controlled substance and allows its use for medicinal purposes under certain conditions.

SB 473 – Health Care Freedom Act. Modifies Missouri Health Care Freedom Act by prohibiting the state from implementing a health insurance exchange, prohibiting insurers from accepting remuneration that may result in penalties, and prescribing duties of the Attorney General for enforcement of the act.


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