Business Law

HCS HB 78 – Jobs for education. Establishes the Missouri Jobs for Education Program to provide a tuition credit for certain business owners or companies who create new full-time jobs. Specifically allows a qualifying business owner or company to receive a credit toward tuition for every qualifying job created.

HB 82 – Corporate income tax. Reduces the corporate in­come tax rate for a company that creates a specified number of new jobs. Specifically reduces the corporate income tax rate from 6.25% to 4.25% for any company that creates 10 to 19 new jobs, 3.25% for 20 to 29 new jobs, 2.25% for 30 to 39 new jobs, 1.25% for 40 to 49 new jobs, and 0.25% for 50 to 59 new jobs, and 0.00% for 60 or more new jobs, where each new job created has a wage that is at least equal to the average wage of the county where the job is located.  

HB 253 – Business income tax. Establishes the Broad- Based Tax Relief Act of 2013 that reduces the tax on corporate business income and business income for sole proprietors, partners, and shareholders in S-corporations.

HB 536 / SB 11 – Income tax. Creates a phased-in individual income tax deduction for business income and reduces the corporate income tax rate over a five-year period. Allows taxpayers to deduct 10% of business income for the 2013 tax year, increasing by 10% annually to a maximum of 50% for all years after 2016. Shareholders of S corporations and partners in partnerships will be allowed a proportional deduction based on their share of ownership.

HB 606 – Low-profit LLCs. Allows for the creation of a low-profit limited liability company in Missouri. A low-profit LLC would be defined as an LLC that has set forth in its articles of organization a business purpose that satisfies and is at all times operated to further one or more charitable or educational purposes within the meaning of 26 U.S.C. 170(c)(2)(B) and would not have been formed but for that purpose.

SB 382 – Personal and corporate income tax. Changes the rates of tax on personal and corporate income. Specifically modifies the individual income tax rate so that all income over $7,000 will be taxes at the rate of five percent, and re­duces the corporate income tax rate from 6.25% to 5.25%.

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