Administrative Law/Licensing

HB 293 – Administrative appeals. Requires any state agency that assesses or imposes an administrative penalty to implement procedures that provide information detail­ing the administrative appeal process, so an individual wishing to appeal an administrative penalty will have the information available.

HB 432 / SB 294 – Public Service Commission interven­tion. Authorizes the Missouri Public Service Commission to intervene in federal administrative, regulatory, and judicial hearings on behalf of the state. The commission has historically intervened in such matters, but is currently prevented from doing so by a federal court injunction stating that current state law is insufficient to properly authorize the commission to intervene in federal matters.

HB 590 / HB 659 – Unlicensed professionals. Authorizes a person to engage in the practice of specified professions without being licensed if he or she does not hold himself or herself out as being licensed. Specific professions include interior designers, barbers, cosmetologists and cosmetol­ogy school operators.

SCS SB 69  – Administrative child support orders. Modifies provision relating to administrative child support orders. Specifically, this act allows administrative hearing officers from the Department of Social Services to set aside or correct administrative child support decisions or orders and proposed administrative modifications of a judicial order under certain conditions.

SB 70 – Missouri Ethics Commission. Modifies the opera­tions and procedures of the Missouri Ethics Commission. Among other provisions, this legislation repeals the 6 year limitation for service as the Director of the Commis­sion; makes commission filings timely if postmarked not later than midnight of the deadline date (changed from postmarked the day before the filing deadline); shortens the threshold for a special investigator to submit a report to the commission from within 120 days of receipt of a complaint to within 90 days; allows determinations that violations have occurred, other than referrals for criminal prosecution, to be appealed de novo to the Circuit Court of Cole County.

SCS SB 106  – Educational and licensing credits for military courses. Requires higher education institutions to accept credits for military courses if the courses meet certain standards; requires that military members with health-related professional licenses or certificated that are in good standing when entering active duty will remain in good standing while on active duty; allows military service, if satisfactory to the professional licensing boards, to be applied toward qualifications to receive a license or certificate from the board.

SB 255 – ALJ Review Committee. Removes the Director of the Division of Workers’ Compensation as a member of the Administrative Law Judge Review Committee.

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