SS/SB 464 - Prohibits the establishment, creation, or operation of a state-based health insurance exchange unless the exchange is created by a legislative act, an initiative petition, or referendum. Specifically prohibits the establishment of a state-based health insurance exchange by an executive order issued by the Governor. (See Health & Hospital Law for a more complete summary of this bill)

HCS/SS/SCS/SB 469 (See also HB 1135) - Modifies provisions regarding the updating and review of administrative rules. (See Administrative Law). (Signed 7/13/12)

SS/SB 607 – Changes regulations relating to outdoor advertising. (See Local Government). (Vetoed 7/12/12)

HCS/SCS/SB 625 - This act modifies provisions relating to the County Employees Retirement System. (See Labor Law). (Signed 7/10/12)

CCS/SS/SB 665 - Authorizes the Governor to transfer certain pieces of real estate located throughout the state of Missouri to the State Highways and Transportation Commission. (See Property Law). (Signed 7/10/12)

SCS/SB 715 (See also HB 1105) - Currently the maximum age for service in the state militia is sixty-four. This act allows the adjutant general to waive the age limit on a case-by-case basis.
 Provisions relating to a procedure for members of the state military to file complaints regarding their commanding officer are repealed. (Vetoed 7/12/12)

SCS/SB 789 – Extends DNA Profiling Analysis Fund Surcharges and enacts new provisions relating to taking of DNA samples and expungement. (See Criminal Law for a more complete summary of these provisions). (Signed 7/9/12)

SCS/SB 835 - Updates references to fireworks classifications in the Code of Federal Regulations and removes references to American Pyrotechnics Association standards. This act contains an emergency clause. (Signed 6/11/12)

HB 1029 - Currently, the Oversight Division of the Committee on Legislative Research conducts management and program audits. This act replaces those audits with program evaluations of state agencies, including budget transparency and accountability evaluations. Reports will be provided to the legislators. (Signed 7/10/12)

SCS/HCS/HB 1042 - Modifies provisions relating to higher education. Includes provisions relating to the coordinating Board for Higher Education, The Northwest Missouri State University Board of Regents and the Missouri State University Board of Governors. (Signed 6/7/12)

SS/SCS/HCS/HB 1094 - Requires the Commissioner of the Office of Administration to develop and implement a statewide system or contact with any third party to allow all state agencies and departments to accept electronic payments.
 Allows a county health center to make payments approved by its board of health center trustees through an electronic funds transfer system. (Signed 7/5/12)

HB 1231 – Requires the Commissioner of Administration to give preference to certain commodities in making purchases, now including forest products and bricks that have been processed in the state. (Signed 7/10/12)

HB 1236 - Modifies the paperwork requirements for the formation of a new political party and the nomination of independent candidates.
 Repeals the requirement that the petition to form the new party must contain, if presidential electors are to be nominated by petition, the name of at least one qualified resident in each congressional district to be a nominee for presidential elector. Alternatively, this information will be provided when filing the respective declarations of candidacy. (Signed 7/6/12)

HB 1424 -Allows the Missouri State Highway Patrol to sell surplus watercraft, watercraft motors, and trailers in the same manner that the Highway Patrol may currently sell surplus highway patrol vehicles.
 Proceeds are used to purchase Highway Patrol motor vehicles, and may be used under this act to also purchase watercraft, and watercraft motors and trailers. (Signed 7/6/12)

HCS#2/HB 1462 - Under current law, a producer is eligible to receive payments from the Missouri Qualified Biodiesel Producer Incentive Fund for 60 months unless it fails to receive the full amount due to a lack of appropriations, in which case it is eligible for up to 24 additional months. This act allows a producer’s eligibility to receive payments to continue indefinitely until the full amount has been received. (Signed 7/5/12)

HCS/HB 1608 -Repeals provisions and sections of law regarding unfunded and obsolete programs and establishes expiration dates for specified provisions. The act further repeals 58 current law provisions including the Commission on Judicial Resources. (Signed 7/13/12)

SS/SCS/HCS/HB 1731 - For fiscal year 2013 and each fiscal year after that, the act modifies how money from the Gaming Commission Fund is allocated. Removes the specific funding for the Early Childhood Development, Education and Care Fund from this fund, and provides the net proceeds of the fund remaining after distribution to the specified funds go to the Veterans’ Commission Capital Improvement Fund. The Early Childhood Development, Education and Care Fund is to receive at least thirty-five million dollars from the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement each year.
 In addition to other statutory purposes, the Missouri Veterans’ Commission may use the funds in the Veterans’ Commission Capital Improvement Fund for administration of the Missouri Veterans’ Commission.
 Prohibits colleges, universities, governmental entities, and quasi-governmental entities from establishing, operating, maintaining, offering incentives to participate in, or mandating participation in a quality rating system, training quality assurance system, or similar system for early childhood education, unless authority to operate, establish, or maintain the system is enacted into law. The act shall not be construed to limit the content of early childhood education courses, research, or training carried out by any public institution of higher education. The act also prohibits a course on quality rating systems or training quality assurance systems from being a requirement for certification by the state as an individual child care provider or any licensing requirement that may be established for an individual child care provider. Any taxpayer or member of the General Assembly will have standing to enforce this act.
 Requires the Joint Committee on Education to develop a comprehensive funding formula for Missouri public institutions of higher education by December 31, 2013. The general assembly shall implement a funding formula beginning in fiscal year 2015. This act has an emergency clause and a non-severability clause. (Signed 5/30/12)

SS/SCS/HB 1807, 1093, 1107, 1156, 1221, 1261, 1269, 1641, 1668, 1737, 1782, 1868 & 1878 - Enacts several provisions relating to highway designations and special license plates. (See Motor Vehicles and Property Law). (Signed 7/6/12)

SS/SCS/HB 1820 - Authorizes the Governor to convey several pieces of real property to various entities. The act also authorizes the Governor to transfer several other pieces of real estate located throughout the state of Missouri to the State Highways and Transportation Commission. The act contains an emergency clause. (Signed 7/10/12)

SCS/HCS/HB 1827 – Includes provisions relating to Authorization. (See Health & Hospital) (Signed 7/10/12)

HCS/HB 1900 - Restructures numerous statutes to reflect certain executive branch reorganizations as well as modifies provisions relating to investments in Iran’s energy sector, voluntary annexation, individuals with disabilities and tax increment financing.
 The Joint Committee on Legislative Research is authorized to incorporate statutorily authorized executive department reorganization. Such authority is limited to name changes and movement of portions or statutory sections to the appropriate chapters of law.
 Any person may appeal to the Administrative Hearing Commission any decision made by the Department of Public Safety regarding a claim filed on or after August 28, 2012, for compensation to victims of crime and specifies a person’s rights regarding the appeal.
 This act creates the “Iran Energy Divestment Act” which bars entities that invest in the energy sector in Iran from making contracts in excess of $1 million with the state and political subdivisions.
 Provisions relating to individuals with disabilities are modified.

YOUTH WITH DISABILITIES WORK GROUP - Requires, by September 1, 2012, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to establish a work group to assess the available resources that youth with disabilities need for effective work experiences. The group shall focus on secondary students with disabilities, adults with disabilities, and others who experience barriers to successfully completing school.
 These provisions shall terminate on January 1, 2013.

EMPLOYMENT SECURITY LAWS - This term defines “employment” for the purpose of employment security law to not mean in-home or community-based services performed by a provider contracted to provide the services for the clients of a county board for developmental disability services organized and commonly known as “SB 40 boards.” In these instances, the vendor shall be responsible for the payroll and fringe benefits for the consumer. If an employment relationship exists between the provider and any worker, the services shall be deemed to be employment if the provider is a non-profit entity, governmental entity or federally recognized Indian tribe.

BRAIN INJURY FUND - Adds community-based consumer services in comprehensive brain injury day rehabilitation therapy, vocational, and home and community support to the list of services for which the Department of Health and Senior Services shall expend funds from the Brain Injury Fund to individuals with brain injury. Upon the granting of a federal waiver, 50% of all moneys in the fund shall be designated as MO HealthNet federal match moneys.
 Any approved federal waiver shall provide parity in funding for each eligible program service area to create a balance for access to all brain injury services. A 10-member committee shall be established to develop service descriptions, regulations, and parity of funding for the eligible service areas, as needed.

EMPLOYEE DISQUALIFICATION LIST - Provides that any home care employer required to deny employment to an applicant or discharge an employee as a result of information obtained through a portion of the background screening and employment eligibility determination process required under the Family Care Safety Registry provisions shall not be liable in any action brought by the applicant or employee relating to discharge where the employer is required by law to terminate the employee, provisional or otherwise.
 The employer shall also not be charged for unemployment insurance benefits based on wages paid to the employee or based on an employer making payments in lieu of contributions for work prior to the date of discharge, if the employer terminated the employee because the employee:
 (1) Has pled guilty to or nolo contendere or been found guilty in this state or any other state of a crime, which if committed in Missouri would be a class A or B felony violation of certain specified crimes such as offenses against the persons, sexual offenses and robbery or burglary offenses;
 (2) Was placed on the employee disqualification list maintained by the Department of Health and Senior Services, after the date of hire;
 (3) Was placed on the employee disqualification list maintained by the Department of Mental Health, after the date of hire;
 (4) Is listed on any of the background check lists in the Family Care Safety Registry; or
 (5) Has a disqualifying finding or was denied a good cause waiver under the employee disqualification list maintained by the Department of Health and Senior Services.

TAX INCREMENT FINANCING (Section 99.845) - Adds county sales taxes for emergency communications systems to the list of taxes that may not be deposited into a special allocation fund for the purposes of tax increment financing. (See Animal & Agricultural Law and Property Law for summaries of additional provisions in this bill). (Vetoed 6/20/12)

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