SCS/SB 715 - Currently the maximum age for service in the state militia is sixty-four. This act allows the adjutant general to waive the age limit on a case-by-case basis. (See also HB 1105)
 Provisions relating to a procedure for members of the state military to file complaints regarding their commanding officer are repealed. (Vetoed 7/12/12)

SS/HB 1128 -Designates March 30 of every year as “Vietnam Veterans Day” in Missouri. March 26 of each year is designated “Veterans of Operation Iraq/Enduring Freedom Day”. The act also authorizes several awards relating to training and service overseas and in the National Guard. (Signed 7/6/12)

HB 1315 -State employees who are or may become members of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary may be granted a leave of absence while they are performing United States Coast Guard or United States Coast Guard Auxiliary duties, conditions are specified.
 Employees of both public and private employers cannot be discharged from employment or otherwise discriminated against due to being a member or their service in the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary.
 This act requires employers with 50 or more employees to grant a leave of absence to employees who are or may become members of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary and performing duties associated therewith, conditions are specified. The Attorney General is required to enforce this act. (Signed 7/6/12)

HB 1680 - Changes the name of the Heroes at Home program to the Show-Me Heroes program. The program is expanded to include spouses of active duty United States military personnel and members of the United States military that have recently ended their service.
 The Department of Economic Development will no longer be able to enter into contracts with qualified providers to operate the program and must operate through existing programs. Financial assistance may be provided to families facing a financial crisis from overdue bills regardless of cause. (Signed 7/2/12)

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