CCS/HCS/SB 628 - CONDUCT AT PUBLIC MEETINGS - Currently, any action seeking monetary damage against a person for conduct or speech at a public hearing or meeting is subject to a special motion to discuss, a motion for judgment on the pleadings, or a motion for summary judgment so it can be considered on an expedited basis. This act allows any action against a person for conduct or speech at a public hearing or meeting to be subject to these special motions. (See Judicial Administration for summary of additional provisions of this omnibus bill). (Neither signed nor vetoed. Becomes law pursuant to Article III, Section 31, Missouri Constitution).

SS/SCS/HB 1251 –NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS. Repeals Section 260.255 which requires certain newspaper publishers to file a statement with the Department of Natural Resources declaring whether or not they have complied with recycled paper content percentage requirements. (See Environmental & Energy Law for a summary of additional provisions of this bill). (Signed 7/10/12)

SCS/HCS/HB 1495 - Current Missouri law allows insurers and others to share information related to insurance fraud investigations without being subject to civil liability for libel. This act expands the immunity afforded to insurers and others for filing reports and furnishing other information related to an insurance fraud investigation so that the insurer will not be subject to civil liability of any kind, including libel and slander.
 Additionally, the act provides that no civil cause of action of any nature shall arise against a person for furnishing or receiving information related to suspected or anticipated fraudulent insurance acts to or from:
 (1) Law enforcement officials, agents and employees;
 (2) Persons subject to Section 375.991;
 (3) Federal and state agencies, the NAIC, the National Insurance Crime Bureau, or any other organization established to detect and prevent fraudulent insurance acts. (Signed 7/12/12)

HCS/HB 1549 – Allows cell telephone numbers to be placed on the state Do-Not-Call-List. Additionally the act prohibits telemarketers from sending a fax, text message, or graphic, video or audio communication to any phone number on the list. (Signed 6/14/12)

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