CCS/HCS/SB 628 - Modifies provisions relating to the judiciary. (See Judicial Administration) (Neither signed nor vetoed. Becomes law pursuant to Article III, Section 31, Missouri Constitution).
CCS/HCS/SB 636 - Modifies laws relating to the judiciary. Includes provisions relating to:

FRANKLIN COUNTY MUNICIPAL COURT - Allows Franklin County to establish a county municipal court. If Franklin County creates a county municipal court, the first judges are to be appointed by the county commission for terms of four years and subsequent judges are elected for terms of four years.

JUVENILE COURT JURISDICTION - See also HB 1171 (2012) & HCS/SB 628 (2012). Current law provides that the juvenile court shall have jurisdiction over any child up to 15 and 1/2 years of age who is involved in a state or local traffic violation. This act lowers such age so that the juvenile court would have jurisdiction over any child up to 15 years of age in such instances.

STATEWIDE COURT AUTOMATION FUND - See also HB 1460 (2012) & HCS/SB 628 (2012), which provide for a longer extension of the sunset clauses in this bill.
 Currently, a court fee is collected and deposited into the Statewide Court Automation Fund. The Court Automation Committee may use moneys in the fund for court automation. Collection of the fee is set to expire on September 1, 2013. The Committee is to cease functions no later than September 1, 2015. Unexpended moneys remaining in the fund will be transferred to the general revenue fund on September 1, 2013. This act extends collection of the court fee until September 1, 2015. Moneys left in the fund on that date will be transferred to the general revenue. The Committee shall cease functions on September 1, 2017.

ST. LOUIS CITY CIRCUIT CLERK - See also HCS/SB 628 (2012). Requires that the circuit clerk for the twenty-second judicial circuit be appointed by a majority of the judges of that circuit. The circuit clerk shall be removable for cause by a majority of the circuit judges. The elected circuit clerk holding office when this act takes effect will remain in office for the remainder of his or her term. (See Criminal Law for a summary of additional provisions of this bill).(Signed 7/12/12)

HCS/HB 1108 - Requires any telecommunications or cell phone service provider to provide call location information to law enforcement if law enforcement makes such a request when responding to an emergency that involves potential death or serious injury and the call location information is needed immediately. No cause of action may be brought in any court of law against a telecommunications or cell phone service provider, or their employees or agents, for providing the information required in the act. The act does not prohibit telecommunications or cell phone service providers from developing their own protocols for voluntary disclosure of call location information. (Signed 7/6/12)

SCS/HCS/HB 1495 - Expands the immunity afforded to insurers and others for filing reports and furnishing other information related to an insurance fraud investigation so that the insurer will not be subject to civil liability of any kind, including libel and slander. Additionally, the act provides that no civil cause of action of any nature shall arise against a person for furnishing or receiving information related to suspected or anticipated fraudulent insurance acts to or from:
 (1) Law enforcement officials, agents and employees;
 (2) Persons subject to Section 375.991;
 (3) Federal and state agencies, the NAIC, the National Insurance Crime Bureau, or any other organization established to detect and prevent fraudulent insurance acts.
(Signed 7/12/12)

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