Transportation Law

HB 1083/HB 1148/HB 1419 – Texting whiledriving. Prohibits all drivers, regardless of age, from text messaging whileoperating a moving vehicle unless the device being used is equipped withtechnology allowing for voice-recognition hands-free texting.

HB 1551 – Drinking while boating. Creates the crime of operating amotorized vessel with excessive blood alcohol content when a person operates amotorized vessel on any navigable waterway with a blood alcohol content of .08of 1% or more.

HCS#2 HB 1155 – Limited driving privileges.(See Administrative Law)

SB 463 – Seat belt violations. Increases the fine for seat beltviolations from $10 to $50.

SB 611 – Yellow light intervals. Requires theDepartment of Transportation to establish minimal yellow light change intervaltimes for traffic-control devices.

SB 642 – Emergency zone violations. Increasespenalties for moving violations and traffic offenses occurring within an activeemergency zone.

SB 717 – Distracted driving. Creates thetraffic offense of distracted driving.

SB 743
– Motorcycle helmets. Exemptsmotorcyclists age 21 and older from wearing a helmet when operating amotorcycle or motortricycle.

SB 897
– Roadside checkpoints. Prohibits lawenforcement agencies from establishing roadside checkpoint or road block patternsbased upon a particular vehicle type, including the establishment ofmotorcycle-only checkpoints.

Index of Bills by Subject Matter

  • CCS - Conference Committee Substitute
  • HB - House Bill
  • HCS - House Committee Substitute
  • HS - House Substitute
  • HJR - House Joint Resolution
  • SB - Senate Bill
  • SCS - Senate Committee Substitute
  • SS - Senate Substitute
  • SJR - Senate Joint Resolution
  • * - Missouri Bar Committee-Drafted Legislation

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