Sports Law

HB 1346 – Athlete agents. Changes the laws regarding student athlete agents. Among other provisions, revises the definition of “athlete agent” to include a person who is authorized by a student athlete to enter into an agreement, works for or on behalf of an athlete agent, or represents to the public that he or she is an athlete agent and a relative or guardian of a student athlete under certain conditions; requires an athlete agency to provide notice to the athletic director of an educational institution prior to contacting a student athlete if the athlete is enrolled in the educational institution. If an athlete agent contacts a student athlete, intentionally or unintentionally, the agent must notify the athletic director of the athlete’s educational institution within 70 hours of the contact; specifies that an athlete agent cannot furnish a good or service of value or arrange fora good or service of value to be furnished with the intent to induce a student athlete to enter into a contract; specifies that an athlete agent who commits an action with the intent to induce a student athlete to enter into a contract will be guilty of a class D felony for the first offense and a class C felony for any subsequent offense; authorizes the Attorney General to seek a civil penalty against an athlete agent of up to $250,000 for any violation and allows a court of competent jurisdiction to revoke a certificate of registration.

SB 580 – Gaming licenses. Modifies the licensing period for certain licenses issued by the Missouri Gaming Commission.

SB 585 – Tax credits for sporting events. Creates a tax credit to attract sporting events to Missouri.

SB 859 – Mixed martial arts. Authorizes the Division of Professional Registration to regulate mixed martial arts and creates rules for amateur contests.

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